DTRC/Delaware Park Current Rule Changes


Car Passes

Security is required to make sure all vehicles attempting to enter the Stable Area have the appropriate Car Pass sticker.

Only Horsemen coming into work and not living in the Stable Area will be issued a car pass (Trainers, Asst. Trainers, Owners, Hot Walkers, Grooms, Pony Person, Exercise Rider, Jockeys, Vets, Vendors, etc.)

Horsemen receiving a Car Pass must provide the following items to receive a Car Pass.

  1. Must provide a Valid US Driver’s License
  2. Must provide a Valid Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission ID
  3. Must provide Valid Registration for the vehicle
  4. The Driver must be an insured driver for the vehicle and must provide a valid Insurance card for the vehicle.

If the Stable Area employee meets all the requirements, the employee can fill out the top part of the Car Pass application.  The employee is required to print and sign the bottom of the application.  Security is required to fill in the Car Pass, place the sticker on the front left bumper of the vehicle, initial the Car Pass application and print their name and badge number on the bottom of the application.  Only 1 Car Pass Sticker will be issued to per Horsemen, regardless if they have multiple vehicles.  A Horsemen can receive additional Car Pass sticker with permission from Security, or the Racing Office.  The Vehicle MUST BE PRESENT to receive additional sticker.

Car Passes will be issued from 600 am -1:30 pm Monday – Saturday at Stable Gate 1.

All Horsemen living in a bunkhouse, will be required to park outside of the Stable Gate (Slot Lot).  Not the parking lot in front of the Gate.

Security will allow Horseman to enter the Stable Area with their vehicle 30 minutes after Training has concluded until 9:00pm as long as they abide by the rules below.

  1. Those Horsemen living in a bunkhouse will only be allowed to drive back to either pick stuff up (laundry, items, etc.)  from the Bunkhouse or drop off stuff to their bunkhouse (groceries, bedroom items, etc.).
  1. The Horsemen must leave their DTRC ID with the Stable Gate Officer and inform them the bunkhouse and room # they are going to.
  1. The Horsemen will have an amount of time (depending on what they are doing, moving in, dropping off groceries, etc.) to be in the Stable Area to drop off items and depart the Stable Area.  Security will ask the Horsemen how long they are going to be and what they are doing.  The Stable Gate Officer will determine how much time will be needed and write down the time the Horsemen entered the Stable Area on the vehicle slip.
    1. Security Patrol will conduct routine checks of the Stable Area every 2 hours.  Security Patrol will stop at the Stable Gate and inquire about any vehicles that have been in the Stable Area to long.  Security Patrol will locate the vehicle, sticker the vehicle and issue a citation for the Horsemen to be fined.
    1. 3 violations between March 15, 2024 and the closing of the Stable Area, will result in the Horsemen not being allowed back with a vehicle anymore.
    1. If a Horsemen goes back with more than 1 person in the vehicle.  All occupants must provide a DTRC ID.  If someone says they left it in the bunkhouse, the Officer will look at the most up to date Badge list to determine if the Horsemen has an ID on file.
  1. After 9:00pm, the gate will be closed for the evening and any vehicle not authorized to be in the Stable Area will be stickered, fined and towed.
    1. The Gate will be cracked open for Horsemen to walk through and be fully opened for emergencies (Outside Police or EMT calls) or for Delaware Park employees conducting routine checks of the Stable Area (Security, Fire Command, Maintenance, Racing Office).

Vehicle Day Pass

Security Stable Gate Officer will be issuing Vehicle Day Pass on Race Days only.  The Vehicle Day Pass will only be issued to a Horsemen, Trainer, Van Driver, Etc. who are coming in on a race day to observe or tend to a Horse that is racing that day.  In order to receive a Vehicle Day Pass, the Horsemen must meet the following criteria.

  1. Must have a VALID US Driver’s License
  2. Must have Valid Insurance for the Vehicle

If all criteria are met, a Vehicle Day Pass may be issued.  The Stable Gate Officer will fill out a Day Pass slip and write on the slip, vehicle day pass and the current date (See example).


* Dogs*

All dogs must be kept inside tack rooms during training hours, or if out, must be on a leash or harness and in hand at all times. 


Other Pets & Livestock

Scratch Date Jail:  Horses that scratch or are scratched will have a scratch date for period of three entry days starting the day after scratch. The horse(s) then will be given a new date corresponding to the fourth entry day after scratching, automatically. The horse(s) may enter during this time, depending on the scratch reason, but will keep the (5) date unless getting back in, re-enter but are excluded or the forth day whichever is first.

Delaware Certified or Bred: Maiden Delaware Bred or Certified Horses may enter for the waiver “TWO TIMES” in all Maiden Claiming events of $25,000 and up.


  1. Condition Eligible
  2. Delaware Certified
  3. Entry/Preference Date
    1. If Equal Entry/Preference Date, Preference to Trainer(s) with horses stabled on Delaware Park grounds.



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