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DELAWARE CERTIFIED OR BRED: Maiden Delaware Bred or Certified Horses may enter for the waiver “TWO TIMES” in all Maiden Claiming events of $25,000 and up.

PREFERENCE DATES: Delaware Bred or Certified Horses have preference in all races providing they meet condition eligibility requirements. (Stake Races Excluded) The Preference Dates are GOOD FOR ANY DISTANCE & SURFACE. Preference dates will not supersede conditions of a race. Horses will not be eligible to receive a Zero (0) date until their papers and/or digital papers are on file in the racing office or have been scanned. All horses registered prior to NOON, Wednesday, May 8th, will receive a zero (0), which is the lowest possible date. All horses registering after NOON on Wednesday, May 8th, will receive a one (1) or preference corresponding to the day of the meeting when registered. A zero (0) has first preference. Horses entering for the first time but not getting in a race that fills or any book race 1-8 not carded, (i.e. placed on the A.E., did not go or are excluded), will receive an entry date corresponding to the date of which they entered for. Horses which have established a date at the current meeting will lose their preference should they race elsewhere and must reestablish a preference date at this meeting. Horses that enter to run, have the opportunity to run or run will receive a preference corresponding to the date they race and lose all dates previously held, (i.e. R1 would correspond to a horse running on the first day of the meet.). This excludes stakes and handicaps. If a race scheduled on the turf is transferred to the dirt all starters will receive a (*) date, the (*) date is most preferred. The (*) date is good for the next entry made at Delaware Park. If horse races elsewhere the (*) date is lost. Horses which scratch or are scratched will receive an (S) date upon which date they scratch. * Horses that scratch or are scratched will have a scratch date for period of three entry days starting the day after the scratch. The horse(s) then will be given a new date corresponding to the fourth entry day after scratching, automatically. The horse(s) may enter during this time, depending on the scratch reason, but will keep the (S) date unless getting back in, re-enter but are excluded or the fourth day whichever is first. * The (S) date is least preferred, REGARDLESS IF DELAWARE BRED OR CERTIFIEDAND/OR STABLED ON GROUNDS.  An up to date preference list will be made available after the overnight list is out. Any omissions, discrepancies, errors etc. must be lodged prior to the next drawing of entries. All horses placed on the Stewards, Veterinarian or Starter lists will be available in the racing office. They will not be permitted to enter until they have been approved to start. In no way does the claiming, ownership transfer or trainer transfer of a horse affect the preference date. When a horse’s name appears in a race, other than a stake, and is entered for the following day, such entry will be given no consideration should the race in which it is entered be overfilled. It is the responsibility of a person making an entry to claim preference at time of entry. The stewards will consider no claims that do not comply with above regulations.







!! News!! DCTP Advisory Board Update for 2023

We would like to thank you for your support and participation in the Delaware Certified Thoroughbred Program over the last 20 years. We have seen this program grow and flourish  throughout the years. To date it has paid out over $18 million in bonuses for DCTP eligible horses that raced at Delaware Park. For the first time since the inception of the program, we have realized that we need to increase the application fees beginning January 1, 2023.
We appreciate your ongoing loyalty to the program and wish you continued success.
The new fees will be $100 for weanlings and $200 for yearlings.
  • Continued 25% bonus for Owner and 25% for Certifier for 2023
  • All Delaware Certified horses will be paid  from 1st to 3rd place
  • 4 Delaware Certified Races – $100,000
  • 6 additional Delaware Certified Races – $50,000 see condition book for more details
  • Increase the open Stakes Cap from $7,500 to $10,000
  • A $50,000 purse bonus will be added to the DTHA Governors Day Race and the George Rosenberger Memorial for Delaware Certified eligible horses that run and finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. ( Purse total will be $150,000 for DCTP horses.)

DCTP Purpose: The Delaware Certified Thoroughbred Program was created in 2002 to enhance racing in Delaware through the use of bonus money that comes from several sources. This program was proudly sponsored by the Delaware Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association.  With the current bonus of 50% to 1st, through 3rd placed runners, this enables horses who are Delaware Certified to run for more money and compete with the surrounding area breeders programs. In addition the program promotes registered farms in Delaware to continue and grow and maintain green space in this state.

DCTP Eligibility:  Weanlings or yearling must start residency on a DCTP certified farm(Click button below) before December 31st of it’s yearling year and must stay on DCTP farm for 90 days.  This enables this horse to be eligible for purse bonuses when they run at Delaware Park.

DCTP Contact Information
Vincent Moscarelli – DCTP Administrator
​DCTP – 777 Delaware Park Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19804
Phone # 302-993-8986
Fax # 302-994-3392

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