Wellness Clinic

wellness clinic
Delaware Park Backstretch Wellness Clinic

(302) 994 3166 or (302) 994-2521 ext. 6920

What is the Delaware Park Backstretch Wellness Clinic? 

It is a medical facility to provide diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries. The clinic also offers a preventive program of immunizations, screenings, and various health education and wellness services. Outside medical treatment referrals are also made if needed.

Where is it located?  When is it open? 

The clinic is located next to the Day Room and Laundromat. Check the clinic or Horsemen’s Office for specific times.

Who is eligible?

Just about everyone on the backstretch who holds a current Delaware Park license is eligible. Included are trainers and their badge-listed employees, such as assistant trainers, exercise riders, grooms and hot walkers. Additionally, licensed free lance riders, pony persons, and certain other backstretch employees are covered.

Are spouses and children eligible?

Spouses and children (under 19 years of age) can also receive clinic services. When you register, you will also need to register your family members.

Who runs the Clinic and do they speak Spanish?

The clinic is staffed with a family doctor, a certified nurse practitioner and a bi-lingual administrative assistant.

Does it cost to use the Clinic?

In general, no. The Delaware Horsemen’s Assistance Fund pays for the on-site clinic staff and medical supplies, including onsite preventive treatments such as immunizations, screenings, and annual physical exams. Some costs for off-site doctors visits, treatments, lab tests, or prescriptions may be covered by DHAF subject to pre-approval.

What if my family or I need prescriptions or additional medical treatments not available at the Clinic? 

You will be referred to a pharmacy or medical service affiliated with DHAF. Payments of certain costs is subject to existing fee schedules and policies and preservice approval by DHAF.

Are any medical conditions excluded from clinic treatment? 

Yes. For example, various drug and alcohol related disorders are not covered. Referral, treatment and counseling for these conditions, however, are available through DHAF.   Dental and eye care appointments are also available through DHAF.

Do I need an appointment to see the nurse?

No. However, if the clinic is busy, there may be a brief wait. Call the clinic at 994-3166 or 994-2521 ext.6920 or ext.7289 if you have any questions about their hours. What if there is an emergency? Emergency medical services on the backstretch are coordinated through 911.

If I live outside the track,  can I still use the clinic? 

Yes! Just make sure you, your spouse and your children are registered at the Wellness Clinic during your initial visit.

What about Workers’ Compensation injuries? 

Workmen’s compensation injuries are not normally covered by our backstretch wellness clinic. If you have a question about a workmen’s compensation injury, check with the Horsemen’s Office.