Safety News & Regulations

Safety Rules and Procedures for Exercising and Racing

The DTHA, the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission, and Delaware Park management are committed to the safest working environment possible. The safety rules and procedures at Delaware Park are thoroughly explained and enforced.

Every individual applying for a licensed the first time in Delaware who will be on the back of a horse, must first meet with a steward and an outrider to have the safety rules explained, then if necessary, display proficiency on a horse to an outrider. Once this is completed, the individual must present to the licensing office a Delaware Park Safety Rules and Regulations for Exercising and Racing form that has been signed by a steward, an outrider, and the applicant.

The following text is from the Delaware Park Safety Rules and Regulations for Exercising and Racing form:

I have met with the Stewards and Outriders concerning safety procedures during exercising and the races. I have had the following rules and procedures FULLY explained, plus any additional rules or procedures which are to be observed:

Outriders Instructions. At all times when I am on a horse I will abide by the Outriders’ instructions, including to immediately get off a horse or the track.

Lights and Sirens (Track Warning System).

During exercising hours. When the lights and sirens are activated during training hours, I will immediately pull my horse up to a jog. I will give the outriders and any loose horse(s) the maximum amount of track space that I am safely capable of. In addition, I will not enter the track when the lights and sirens are on.

During a race. I understand the lights and sirens are used independently during the races. Lights only are used to warn of a loose or injured horse, or other situation where the race shall continue, but caution must be exercised. If the race is aborted, the sirens will be used and I will stop my horse as quickly as possible.

No jogging or galloping on horse paths. I will not jog or gallop on any of the horse paths.

No galloping in opposite direction. I will not gallop any horse in the opposite direction (clockwise).

Safety Equipment. At all times when I am on a horse, I will wear a fastened approved safety helmet and a fastened approved safety vest. I will also wear proper riding footwear that has a heel and hard sole (no sport/tennis shoes or jockey racing boots will be allowed).

If any of the above safety rules, or any additional safety rules, are violated by me, I will be subject to a fine of up to twenty-five hundred dollars ($2,500) and the loss of exercising or racing privileges at Delaware Park.