Claiming Info

An Owner may claim out of the race in which he first starts a horse.

No horse claimed in a claiming race shall be sold or transferred, wholly or in part, to anyone within thirty (30) days after the day it was claimed, except in another claiming race.

A horse claimed by an Owner that has started a horse at the current meet and by a trainer that is currently stabled on the grounds of the Association, shall not be permitted to run in another racing jurisdiction for the period of sixty (60) days, beginning the day after the claim was made, or until the end of the current meet, whichever comes first.

A horse that is claimed by an owner that has started a horse at the current meet, by a trainer that is not currently stabled on the grounds of the Association, shall not be permitted to race elsewhere until the close of the meet which it was claimed.

The Stewards shall have authority to waive Rule under application, so as to allow a claimed horse to race in a Stakes  race.  The Stewards may also permit a horse claimed in a Steeplechase or Hurdle race, to race elswhere in a Steeplechase program, if such a program ends before the close fo the meeting at which it was claimed.

At the time of entry into a claiming race, the owner may opt to declare a horse ineligible to be claimed provided that the horse has been laid-off and has not started for a minimum of 180 days since its last race and is entered for a claiming price equal to or greater than the claiming price of the horses last start.

Conditions for Starting a Claimed Horse
If a horse is claimed it shall not start in a claiming race for a period of twenty (20) days from the day after the claim for less than twent-five (25) percent more than the amount of which it was claimed.  The day claimed shall not count, the following calendar day shall be the first day and the horse shall be entitled to enter whenever necessary so that it may start on the twenty-first (21) calendar day following the claim at any price. This provision shall not apply to starter handicaps, allowances, and starter allowance races.